Sea Lion Center

The Sealion Center on pier 39 is a small exhibit that is a part of the bay area aquarium. 



The Center reached out to us looking for a way to bring in more people and encouraging them to stay longer. we observed the center for two weeks and came to the conclusion that adults often read most of the content around the center but children were finished playing after about five minutes so this is what we provided for them.

Lilly and leo

A full activity coloring book that would educate children about the sea lions. Featuring Lilly and Leo Two cartoon Sea lions created specifically for the sea lion center, the coloring book is intended to be taken home with donation information and opening times on the back for the parents.

photo IRL.jpg

Preliminary work for a ball toss game intended on teaching children what Sealions eat, what to recycle and what to compost as well as not feeding the wild sea lions human food.


A new layout optimizing their limited space.


Options for a movable interactive wall that would serve as a centerpiece of the exhibit.